The current society’s circumstances demand companies to provide higher quality products and services, under a management system with the vision of: social, economic and environmental impact. INUSUAL Management team is aware of this responsibility, acquired with its stakeholders, encouraging the integration as a part of the company’s strategy. For this reason we have a Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for its activities of designing, development, integration, maintenance, technical assistance services, producing and supplying engineering solutions in technology and communication areas.

The company INUSUAL COMUNICACIÓN INNOVADORA, S.L. takes the commitment of getting an adequate level execution of its projects and services to:

    • Comply with legislation in all areas that affect the activity of the company. As well as to other requirements that the Company subscribes.
  • HSEQ:
    • Acting on the origin of the risks and where appropriate, prevent from any damage and deterioration of the health of workers and employees of INUSUAL COMUNICACIÓN INNOVADORA S.L.
    • INUSUAL works constantly to be more and more efficient every day and produce high quality products, a safe and reliable service to satisfy our customer’s needs and to cause the minimum possible impact on the environment.
    • Prevent and reduce impacts and risks originated buy our activities, such as waste generation and use of resources, and factors that could cause accidents during the work execution by establishing several measures that allow us to reduce them gradually.
    • We are committed to the protection of the environment, and we promote the environmental commitment and safety & health of our partners.
    • Our main objective is to play an important role in the development of communities, creating a shared value for all of our interest groups. We are committed to provide support to NGOs in terms of social and inclusive development issues including the access to disable people to our organization.
    • Develop training plans for employees of the Company with the aim to achieve their qualification and awareness needed to meet the provisions of this policy of sustainability.
    • Committed to technological innovation, to ensure sustainable improvements, reducing risks and increasing our business opportunities in a sustainable procedure.

All these commitments are fully integrated into our daily work and are continually reviewed and improved by INUSUAL’s Management.

INUSUAL COMUNICACIÓN INNOVADORA S.L. establishes as a requirement for the approval of suppliers and subcontractors their commitment to our environmental and health & safety requirements.
Furthermore, these policies establishes a reference framework to ensure the establishment and review of objectives and goals for quality control, Health & Safety and sustainability at work.


CEO, A Coruña (SPAIN) 19-09-2019

Inusual Comunicación Innovadora S.L.
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