The purpose of this policy is to define the basis on which any subcontracting arrangements will be managed.

Where appropriate, INUSUAL will sub-contract when is entirely indispensable to deliver the requested services from our customers, and those ones that are out of our control. To guarantee this issue we implement high levels of quality which are not reduced in any way, we follow different steps to take into account for both recruiting and managing any subcontractors we deal in.

INUSUAL shall not allow any form of forced and child labor from their subcontrators. Any type of discriminatory practice with regards the recruitment will not be permitted.
We want to ensure that our subcontrating companies shall treat their employees with dignity and respect.
They must be committed to practices in terms of sustainability, to going along with the environmental requirements of INUSUAL to protect the environment.
This will allow us to evaluate best quality service every time. For this reason Subcontrators will provide us information on how they will ensure to meet the standard requirements in terms of: health & safety, equality & safeguarding, and also quality assurance policies during the continuance of our projects.
The selection process of subcontrators is always made taking into account different criteria such as: years of experience, quality of work, 24/7 customer service, performance area, training plans, evaluate working portfolios, previous visit to the subcontrating´s installations, review the work progress on daily basis, collaboration agreement and implementation of our Conduct Code, financial records & insurances are in order, and are suitable for the work and also a confidentiality agreement, among others.
If a subcontractor consistently fail in any of the elements of its performance which is deemed to be unsatisfactory or inadequate, or consistently fail to engage in or with the standard requirements mentioned above the contract will be terminated with immediate effect to protect our customers.

INUSUAL COMUNICACIÓN INNOVADORA, S.L. establishes that all these policies must be known by all Organization staff, as well as by suppliers and partners. It can be accessed by anyone outside and inside this organization if necessary.


CEO, A Coruña (SPAIN)